Jorge Sanchez Paniagua Executive Coach in Madrid (Spain)

... and available worldwide via video conferencing

I'm not for you.

I value your time and mine. So, I am going to give you 5 reasons to keep you from wasting your time on my website

1. I only work with companies

If you are an individual, you will have to manage sessions with me via your company

2. I have a very demanding full-time job

Therefore, my activity as a coach is carried out at odd hours, outside of normal working hours

3. I highly value my personal life

I only have availability for 2 coaching sessions per week, so I work according to a waiting list. Next available start date: August 2024

4. I am very direct and can sometimes be politically incorrect

I am not suitable for all audiences

5. I only work with professionals who have had coaching processes

Ideally, with those who are sceptical about its usefulness

After reading all these reasons, if you are a part of the 1% of visitors who may be interested...

... read on to discover my approach to executive coaching

My mission

"I will help you become the best version of yourself as a professional and achieve the goal you set for yourself in the process"

My vision

“If it does not generate impact and measurable results, it is not worth it”

If you dare, discover how I implement my vision to ensure success