The 'Paniagua' executive coaching method:

100% tailored to fulfil your expectations while generating impact

My vision

“If it does not generate impact and measurable results, it is not worth it”

The 3 basic principles of my method:

1. It generates transformation

I focus not only on your 'doing' but also on your 'mindset' and your 'being'

2. I work with you on the 3 domains

Language, physical and emotional

3. I take you out of your comfort zone

Accompanying you, challenging you and empowering you, so that you can reach the best version of yourself

My 8 pillars of differentiation as an executive coach:

1. The question is the basis of my method

  • I am a firm believer in the power of questions and I will focus in asking questions for 80% of the sessions' time
  • I only leave 20% of the time for tools, and only in cases where I consider them necessary

2. I do not charge 'by the hour'

  • My fees are linked to the success measured in the process based on the satisfaction of the Coachee regarding the impact generated
  • In the last session of the process, the Coachee fills out a satisfaction survey with the impact generated by the process; which will impact the overall cost
  • Up to 50% of my fees (depending on the Coachee's profile) are variable based on that evaluation 

3. I ensure a Connection between Coach and Coachee

  • The Connection is leveraged on Trust, Commitment and Confidentiality between us
  • The first session is 'almost-free' (€1) with the aim of getting to know each other, establishing the objective to be worked on and assessing if there is that much-needed connection to ensure the success of the process

4. It is a relationship based on freedom

  • There is the possibility of terminating the process by both parties at any time:
    • if the Coachee considers that they are not making the expected progress or does not feel comfortable
    • if the Coach considers that he cannot continue helping the Coachee in achieving the objective

5. I ensure that the objective lasts over time

  • Two months after the last session of the process, a follow-up session is established to ensure that the objective achieved during the process is maintained over time

6. I do not generate dependency

  • Once the number of sessions based on the objective to work on is established, I will not extend it. A basic principle for me is that the Coachee should feel empowered, autonomous and independent at the end of their process

7. My 'peculiar' personality

  • I am a firm believer that the 'how' matters and there are several elements of my personality that I consider differentiating:
    • My energy, passion and enthusiasm
    • My direct and very challenging nature

8. My wide experience in people development

  • I've had career and development conversations with over 500 people

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