I'm NOT for you

This blog arises as an element of rebellion against complacency and wanting everyone to like it. It implies a loss of identity and reduces the effectiveness of communication, which negatively impacts organizations' teamwork strategies.

‘I’m not for you’ is an attitude toward life that values the importance of being and thinking in a different way, showing that you are a person with a lot of soul.

I will share my opinion and perspective based on my humble experience as a result of my conversations with directors from all over the world. I will do so with respect and tolerance, but while also contributing my critical thinking and letting flow my vocation to challenge, to serve as a fundamental element for growth and impact.

The topics on which I will focus are Leadership, Executive Coaching, Personal Brand and Professional Career.

If you feel you identify with my approach, feel free to comment on my posts with your opinion and your personal point of view. This will undoubtedly enrich the readers and the community.

If you are interested in receiving the posts that I publish going forward, leave me your contact email.

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